May 25, 2018
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Testemonials — Seimei on Pets

My cat got caught in a storm and came home one big mudball and shaking; I did the emergency procedure on him and in five minutes he was in my lap.

AW, Santa Fe

My dog had a life threatening condition commonly known as Bloat, and needed an operation that I could not afford. Members from the Seimei community, my mother and I worked on him and he was restored to normal health (measured by repeat X rays and physical exam). Over five months have passed and he continues to do well; I am so grateful for Seimei and the communities of practitioners who have helped extend the life of my beloved pet.

Heidi, New York

My dog, age 14, went into a condition called “vestibular event”…she suddenly lost all sense of equilibrium, balance, coordination and had very little vision. She was so frightened and disoriented that she could not stop trembling. The vet could not help her and said that most dogs of this age with this condition, would not survive without continuing downhill rapidly. Sheela Hewitt pulled Cheyenne completely out of the condition in 15 minutes without touching her or administering anything else. Cheyenne continued to recover. With just a few more sessions, Cheyenne was back on her feet and has been healthier, happier and more interested in life than before the illness.

Elizabeth, Santa Fe

We went to visit the Horse Park in Santa Fe. We worked on two horses. One had a damaged leg and could not put weight on it. I pulled viruses from the body, in particular the leg, and by the time I was finished, the horse was putting weight on the leg and was fine the next day. The other horse recovered from its problem of trauma within 48 hours.

Nicola, Head Teacher

My daughter’s black lab had hip dysphasia. One year earlier, Kala, almost died from organ failure immediately after hip replacement surgery at the CSU Vet. Med School, When she had a second hip operation, my daughter asked me to do long-distance Seimei My daughter called the moment Kala came out of surgery and I did a long distance (Santa Fe-Ft. Collins, Co session...) She responded well and had no complications. Her recovery was much faster than normal.

SH, Santa Fe

My long-haired dachshund, Wally, ingested some natural fertilizer one day after I had sprinkled the fertilizer around plants. In the middle of the night he became very agitated and nervous and started running around the house barking and howling. I did a Seimei session on him to clear the toxins and calm his nervous system. Within minutes after I completed the session, he went to sleep for the rest of the night.

Sheela, Santa Fe