May 25, 2018
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Testimonials — Improved Overall Health

I have experienced a long and harrowing journey in my search for an answer to my physical ailments. I suffered with debilitating migraines, panic attacks, night terrors and agoraphobia for years. I was way beyond the point of believing in miracles but Kathy Leone reported incredible relief and I trusted her implicitly. On my way to my first SEIMEI session, I suffered one of her frequent migraines. When I emerged from the room, I was in tears of pure joy. My migraine had completely gone, my eyesight improved and I felt a sense of lightness and deep comfort that was indescribable." I joined the first SEIMEI class offered in the U.S.

Karin Todd


I became and continue to be a SEIMEI Practitioner because I did not like traveling in a wheelchair and being dependent on pain management for a semblance of functioning.
At age 59, I developed an exceedingly painful, progressively debilitating condition that was costing me my ability to walk. For more than a year, I aggressively pursued diagnosis and treatment through traditional medicine as well as holistic alternatives without success.
In May 2002, I was introduced to a "miracle worker", Nicola Bertolo, lead instructor of SEIMEI, at a Business Card Exchange Breakfast. In utter desperation I said, "I'm your next client. What time can I see you today?" Nicola demonstrated the benefits of SEIMEI to me twice a week for three months. Following these demonstrations, I was walking (up to 4 or 5 blocks) and experiencing significantly less pain. In August 2002, Nicola explained that my particular condition could only further improve by me taking responsibility for my own healing. I knew I could do this using my SEIMEI. I truly know that anyone can do this, because I did. I enrolled in the class and my results have been dramatic.

John Vas Korlis, Member