May 25, 2018
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More and more people are becoming interested in learning how to use their Seimei (Say-May). Seimei is a Japanese term which translates as knowing one’s inherent Buddha-nature. A working Seimei can move consistently once it goes through a ceremony that unbinds it. The ceremony is in Japan in a temple, named Houjyushu Houjyukai, whose theme is the Houju (working Seimei). Monks who live at the temple help perform the contemporary ceremony which is uniquely beautiful.  Immediately after the ceremony, students learn to use their Seimei in many ways, all of which are based on results and years of study.  Students stay in Japan seven days to begin the first class and help them establish a firm foundation from which to grow and experiment with their own Seimei.

New students apply to be a member both of the Seimei Foundation and the temple in Japan.  It will be the responsibility of students to travel to receive instruction to use their Seimei correctly. Individuals travel first to Japan and then take four classes at one of the teaching centers in the U.S. which is in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learning to use one’s Seimei effectively is a personal and profound journey between you and your own Seimei.  It is a physical, emotional and fiscal commitment and the decision and processes can take over a year to complete. The cost is about $9,800.00 (see details below) for students who live outside of NJ or Santa Fe (due to additional travel costs.) Please call us for a complementary session if you are interested in learning Seimei.


Program Design

For all students, the program design consists of 50 hours of instruction (including 10 hours in Japan.) This is because you have to practice using your Seimei to advance in the levels, keep it healthy and have good results. There are three levels of study at the current time (ten levels all together, with the head monks at Level 8.)  Nicola Bertolo (whose spiritual name is Kouken) is the head teacher (and a Level 8) and will be taking you through most of the instruction in these locations and dates.



2018 AWARDING OF POWER CEREMONY IN SAGA JAPAN FOR AMERICANS                                                                    

1. 4th Sunday January

2. 4th Sunday August


1. Receive a session by a member of the Seimei Foundation and make sure you see results.

2.  Go to website and review calendar, calendar dates and download application.    (

3. Send in application and schedule time to be interviewed and have questions answered (973-427-4530).

4. Decide on which timeline is best to go to Japan (January or August) Send in a payment of $5,450 (refundable up until 60 days previous to departure.) This is for the ceremony, classes and guide/interpreter fee when in Japan.) Pay by credit card via website or send a check.

5. Be cleared to make plane and hotel reservations to go to Japan (make sure passport is up to date!)

6. Go through orientation with group going to Japan by phone.

7. Attend Seimei ceremony in Japan (6 day commitment); Begin Level I in Japan.

8. Return home, practice and be assigned a mentor.

9. Attend 4 classes (Level II: Systems of the body/sessions and Level III: Mental Application/Long Distance) in the US (10 hours each -3 day commitment each class; total of 4 classes) These four classes equate to Levels I-III + 10 hours in Japan = 50 total program hours.

10. Return from classes and practice at home; keep journal of practice.

11. Return to Seimei teaching centers at least once per year to re-take instruction at no additional charge and tune up your Seimei and work with others using their Seimei. Learn about new applications.



Classes can be retaken at no charge. You are developing a skill that needs continual practice to advance and to keep your Seimei healthy.  We post a yearly calendar of activities and classes for all students by December 1 each year.  We also encourage you to return to Japan to deepen the understanding of your Seimei's potential, make Japanese Seimei friends and experience other related activities such as the meditations and healing baths.


Class Description and Requirements

Level I   (The first 10 hours are completed in Japan and are part of a 50 hour class program.)

      Five practical applications for relieving pain, dealing with emergencies, common applications, juice changing and personal areas of interest. Learn perfect basic form for best results.

      Receive three packages of Seimei Seals and learn how to use them.


Level II  (Two classes: 20 hours)

      Pulling Viruses

      Systems of the body

      Full Body Sessions

      Level II Practical Applications

      Staying Healthy using Seimei

      Theory & the Science of Seimei Part I


Level III  (Two classes: 20 hours)

      Theory & Science of Seimei Part II

      Mental Application


      Advanced Practical Applications

      Long Distance Application/Sessions


Level IV (5 classes in Japan-advanced discernment) 


Keeping your Seimei healthy and moving is a big commitment. The more you use it and the more motion it has, the more opportunity it has to help all aspects of your life. After going through the ceremony in Japan, you are a member of the Japanese Houjyushu Houjyukai Organization (related organization) and the U.S. Seimei Spiritual Foundation.  All temples in Japan have themes. The theme of the Houjyushu Temple is the Houjyu, or “working Seimei”. Seimei members in Japan practice using Seimei in ten temples throughout Japan. There are yearly dues (nominal), special products (optional) to enhance daily life, and unique opportunities to study. Moving one’s Seimei is a personal and profound experience. Moving someone else’s Seimei through working on them is unforgettable. There are only about 100 people in the United States who practice Seimei because it is very hard to stay steadfast and use something which is craving to move, but can’t unless we use it. Please take time to understand the commitment and ask questions and we hope you are up for the challenge.

While no special skills or talent are needed, a personal, professional and financial commitment to Seimei is required to take this journey to know one's Seimei. One must be in good physical shape and this is best defined by being able to travel abroad and attend classes regularly. Once this commitment is given, the community rises up to suport the practitioner and the practioner learns from the community while being supported by it.

The Seimei Foundation is a non-profit organization and was established in 2001.


Overall Costs:

$5.450 for ceremony in Japan (must be paid before plane ticket is bought 90 days in advance of journey) and class tuition.

$1,500 (approximate) flight cost.

$1,200 expenses in Japan (additional ceremonies, housing, food, annual membership fees, registration personal extras).

$0        Re-take classes.

$1,500 (approximate) Travel to classes (4) plus housing and food depending on where you live.




Contact: Julie Rivchin @ 973.427.4530


Website: (under construction)

Deadlines for Trips: Payment 90 days before departure, application, interview.