April 26, 2018
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Temple Experience in Japan


Interested In Going To Japan To Be Awarded The Power Of Seimei?

The Awarding of Power Ceremony (Go Juki No Gi) in Saga, Japan is part of a seven day journey. Applicants leave the U.S. on a Thursday and due to the international date line, arrive on Friday. You spend the night in Fukuoka (flights are from your hometown to Fukuoka, Japan) and are met by a translator and guide to sightsee. Then you travel to Saga, Japan and register for the ceremony. Applicants are actually applying as members to the U.S. Seimei Foundation as well as the Houjyushu Houjyukai Temple in Japan, where the initial Seimei ceremony takes place. (A liability waver must be filled out before travel.)

Ceremonies are offered the 4th Sunday in January and July. The ceremony commences on Sunday and because you are now a member of the Temple in Japan, you are allowed the pretigious honor of spending the night there and participating in wonderful activities.

Classes begin on Sunday after the ceremony and continue Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday. Applicants are free to make their returning reservations on Wednesday. All applicants must agree to this schedule. Free time in Japan can be before or after the scheduled events. There are wonderful activities along the way that will delight the traveler (hot healing baths, meditations, additional ceremonies, etc.)

There is an option to participate in a Seimei Festival and Altar Ceremonies which would extend the trip by another seven days.


"I invite you to learn about this aspect of your own Buddha Nature. I want people to use this part of themselves-your inherent, wonderful Seimei, and to explore the possibilities of how you will use it for yourself and humankind. I truly wish for you what I, and thousands of others, have discovered: that when we move from our Seimei, our life is filled with motion and endless connections. Please join me and I will show you, in Japan, what you have known you could do all along...now you will have the power which will let you make change time and time again with consistent, clean, amazing results.

Seimei is just not a pain relief technique. Talk to any student who has been awarded the power of Seimei and they can tell you how awakening their Buddha Nature and learning the techniques has put power and motion behind everything they do because they have a powerful, moving Seimei.

Once you go to Japan, you will develop your own relationship with the teachers and students there. Imagine being able to be immersed in this other world, the world of Seimei in Japan, and being able to call the Seimei temples there "home." It is in fact, home to your Buddha Nature-your Seimei."  Nicola Bertolo, Head Instructor and Level 8 Teacher

  Please call 973.427.4530 for information about our trips and this unique experience.



integrated living

After 50 hours of training, you will emerge a Level III Seimei Practitioner. Now the studies truly begin-how to deepen your journey with your own Seimei-integrating mind, body and your awakened Seimei into your personal passions. This integration obviously requires time to develop. The Founder and the Foundation provide a structure so we learn to use our Seimei correctly. The cornerstone of this sustaining and self-renewing process is the Jissen-kai (Jissen meeting practice and Kai-meeting place.) It is best to take the classes with a friend who lives in the same vicinity for enriched practice because Seimei is a practice that takes practice. You help design your own pratice after learning Level III advanced skills and there is no limit to what you can do with your Seimei.

What is the Business of the SEIMEI Foundation?

The Foundation is philanthropic and its purpose is five-fold:

1. To let people know the Foundation exists for the betterment of humankind.

2. To help you help yourself if you are in pain. Individuals do not need to take the class to get relief. You can get relief by going to one of the centers or by getting a session from a practitioner.

3. To obtain the power of Seimei.

4. To support practitioners in other fields by showing how SEIMEI can be used as a complementary alternative which can enhance client experience.

5. To find new applications for SEIMEI.

How Deep Can I Go?

At Seimei practice, we quiet our minds through chanting, use perfect basic form to manifest physical changes and share experiences using our enlightened Buddha Nature. Next we focus on improving the health and well-being of our members by working on each other with learned applications. We talk about and practice new applications which open new doorways and depth. We share our unique skills on the general public for practice and to be philanthropic and help our communities. We then move into the week with our Seimei recharged and new confidence. The depth continues from there. We have a supportive results-oriented community to help with challenges and integrated practice. We look forward to meeting you and doing Seimei with you.


Please visit the "GET INVOLVED" section of the website for more information on Japan.

Trips are 4th Sunday in January and 4th Sunday in July and you receive 10 hours of the 50 hours of classes in Japan

Deep: This is the intial experience which begins on a Friday (you fly in by Friday and do remember you lose a day due to the date line) and you depart on Wednesday...the entire trip time is about 7 days. You fly into Fukuoka Japan (Island of Kyushu) and are met by a guide and translator; you stay in a hotel and meet the group and see a few sites on Saturday morning. (More sightseeing however can be done beforehand or after.) Then you take the train to Saga, home of the Place of Jyouka (Sacred Space of an Enlightened Seimei) and register for the Enlightenment Ceremony on Sunday. You will be a member of the Houjyushu Houjyukai temple and can visit any of ten temples throughout your lifetime. A member of goodstanding pays annual dues (currently about $110.) Special ceremonies and festivals deepen your practice at these temples, and the main temples are in Saga. On Wednesday, you can depart or go deeper. There are many experiences in these four days. All deepen the connection with the divine and your own Seimei. They are structured and everything moves quickly-this is Japan! The entire experience is profound, sacred, and helpful to living a full and wonderful life. Many members return to Japan after their first experience.

Deeper: This journey extends the initial experience through the following Tuesday (1st Tuesday of the month), so seekers have time to integrate their first experiences, rest or sightsee on their own, and then return to the temple to receive their own hand-scribed Gohonzon, or Sacred Altar Scroll. Students pay for this scroll and keep it in their home or business to chant to and help organize the space in a more sacred manner. During the week, students are welcome at the Temple. Students may leave to take a train out to Fukuoka Tuesday afternoon and fly out the following Wednesday. This  trip is about 14 days. Many people choose this option to experience more of Japan, integrate all their experiences, and return with their Gohonzon.

Deepest: This journey extends the trip to the following Monday. Students partake the full Seimei experience which shows the depth and context of Seimei by going to the Festival and participating in personal ceremonies, strengthening their relationships to members and to the sacred Place of Jyouka.  Time: About 19 days

The Festival at the big temple is the first Sunday of the month.

Returning students usually select the "Deepest" Journey and fly in to chant, do practical and go to the Festival.They sometimes fly in early to receive their Gohonzons (you can obtain one for the home and the business) and then stay for the special festivals. Each experience changes you and your Seimei through the processes of transmission, practice, and attendance.

Students must go through an interview and be worked on several times to apply to go to Japan.

Enjoy your Journey to Japan-they are all wonderous!

What People Say about Seimei

Curtis Sliwa of 77 WABC Radio was talking with Bruce Anderson in New York, about SEIMEI

“I separated my shoulder (Yesterday, April 16, 2008). Believe it or not, I’ve had my shoulder separated 72 times. This morning-and you witnessed this with your own eyes-our own Jamie Megargee, utilized a non-touch technique called SEIMEI. You saw the horrific pain I was in. I was topped out, and after SEIMEI, was able to continue to work. I was 90-95% pain free.”

This testimonial is interesting in that it ties directly into increasing productivity. The radio personality was able to continue to work on his show and get relief. Imagine if at least one or two people knew SEIMEI at each business location..what a blessing that would be.

Hiren Mehta-Father

“My younger daughter, Mansi was born with cerebral palsy in her left leg. My wife and I went to many different doctors who all said the same thing: she would never be able to walk. One day, I saw an ad about SEIMEI and thought we should try it. Mansi is not only walking, but she can run and ride a bike.”

This SEIMEI story is not a miracle, and our readers should not assume a cure for the most life-threatening conditions. SEIMEI works like an onion; one layer at a time. Through lots of hard work and dedication, Mansi’s condition improved dramatically. Mansi still suffers from many of the affects of Cerebral Palsy, but her quality of life is very different and she has made many significant gains. The results were so profound, several members of Mansi's family went to Japan.

Diane Feitelson-Physical Therapist

“I usually work on patients who just had surgery. Often they are in too much pain to do the exercises I prescribe. Before we start therapy, I use SEIMEI to relieve their pain and this makes it possible to continue their treatment.”

Diane uses SEIMEI to be more effective in her work as a physical therapist. In another story, several therapists trained in SEIMEI at one location and business improved dramatically because patient results were noticeably improved.

 "I use Seimei on the emotional level to re-balance and lighten the body. When the physical body is light, the emotional body is light. One person said, "I feel like you made space for me to find solutions. Things became very clear after my session. Exciting even!"  Dr. Bakos, Ed.D., D.D., Consultant

How will you use your SEIMEI training?

Thousands of testimonials show the effectiveness of SEIMEI on both acute and chronic conditions and they are compelling. These include, but are not limited to:

Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Ear aches
Foot Pain
Food poisoning