April 26, 2018
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The History of SEIMEI


In 1947, Toshihisa Hiraki of Japan had the capability to know the power of one's Seimei intimately. He was born with a unique ability to use his Seimei, or Buddha Nature for many things and later devised a system to awaken, or activate it in others and teach anyone how to study its unique application. Hiraki named our Life Force SEIMEI. He is still alive and active in the organization today and is celebrating his 70th year on earth.

Hiraki knew that the mind takes primary control of our lives, so he devised a system to show mankind that more of ourselves exists besides the mind and body. He did this by developing a curriculum and letting people know that anyone can learn to use this unique part of themselves.

Hiraki calls our Seimei our inherent Buddha Nature. He gives this nature-this inherent part of ourselves-power in a special ceremony. Then it is "unbound" and can begin to move. Then he teaches us how to use it, understand it, and honor it.

SEIMEI has attributes of other complementary techniques, but is not like any one technique. It is unique unto itself and enhances other aspects of life and other modalities or practices.

At this time, Hiraki performs the Awarding of Power Ceremony himself, in the heart of Seimei's birthplace, Saga Japan. There is nothing like this ceremony and to honor it, we do not try and describe it. We do encourage interested people to come to one of our Seimei Practice and Study Centers and to talk to those who have gone through the Ceremony to get a glimpse of its depth.

Student definitions of Buddha Nature:

"I see Buddha Nature as that part of myself that does not change, that is uneffected by ego and opinins and that lasts between lifetimes."

"What helps me get through the chaos in the world."

"The space and potential in ourselves that reflects the power, balance and beauty of our true and eternal identity."

"The part of me that Hiraki put in motion."

"My Seimei that is not of the physical world, but can move and probably has more potential on it's on than I do!"

"Our connectivity to oneness and source and our ability to create within that space."


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