May 25, 2018
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Interested in going to Japan to be awarded the power of seimei?


Please call 973.427.4530 for information about our trips and this unique experience.

The Awarding of Power Ceremony (Go Juki No Gi) in Saga, Japan is part of a sixs day journey. Applicants leave the U.S. on a Wedesday and due to the international date line, arrive on Thursday. You spend the night in Fukuoka (flights are from your hometown to Fukuoka, Japan) and are met by a translator and guide to sightsee. Then you travel to Saga, Japan and register for the ceremony. Applicants are actually applying as members to the U.S. Seimei Foundation as well as the Houjyushu Houjyukai Temple in Japan, where the initial Seimei ceremony takes place. (A liability waver must be filled out before travel.)

Ceremonies are offered the 4th Sunday in January and July. The ceremony commences on Sunday and because you are now a member of the Temple in Japan, you are allowed the pretigious honor of spending the night there and participating in wonderful activities.

Classes begin on Sunday after the ceremony and continue Sunday evening. Monday students get to experience a unique mediation hall on top of a mountain that is unique to Seimei. Applicants are free to make their returning reservations on Tuesday or sightsee on their own during the week.. All applicants must agree to this schedule. Free time in Japan can be before or after the scheduled events. There are wonderful activities along the way that will delight the traveler (hot healing baths, meditations, additional ceremonies, etc.)

There is an option to participate in a Seimei Festival and Altar Ceremonies which would extend the trip by another seven days.


"I invite you to learn about this aspect of your own Buddha Nature. I want people to use this part of themselves-your inherent, wonderful Seimei, and to explore the possibilities of how you will use it for yourself and humankind. I truly wish for you what I, and thousands of others, have discovered: that when we move from our Seimei, our life is filled with motion and endless connections. Please join me and I will show you, in Japan, what you have known you could do all you will have the power which will let you make change time and time again with consistent, clean, amazing results.

Seimei is just not a pain relief technique. Talk to any student who has been awarded the power of Seimei and they can tell you how awakening their Buddha Nature and learning the techniques has put power and motion behind everything they do because they have a powerful, moving Seimei.

Once you go to Japan, you will develop your own relationship with the teachers and students there. Imagine being able to be immersed in this other world, the world of Seimei in Japan, and being able to call the Seimei temples there "home." It is in fact, home to your Buddha Nature-your Seimei."  Nicola Bertolo, Head Instructor and Level 8 Teacher

 "Seimei is magical but not. Like having the force with you, but practical. I came home from Japan and started taking away people's pain and I actually still can't believe it. Some of the experiences I've had have been so moving when I move other people's Buddha Nature. A funny thing happened along the way to getting to this point. I received a Seimei demonstration, as did my daughters. Each time, the results, whether long distance or in person, were palpable. I was planning to go to Japan, but the expense was really holding me back. I made the decision not to go.

I was so sad the next day. Then I realized it was actually my Seimei that was sad. That was the deciding factor for this investment. It was an investment in the higher part of myself and I want to honor and care for that part. I'm so grateful for this opportunity in my life. Thank you to all the practitioners out there that realized that Seimei is more than pain relief and share their Seimei with people like me. It is a way of life and an upgrade to my life. BAM. Everything is different. You can go on vacation to Japan or Asia or on a Safari, but when do you get to go to Japan and come back with a moving Seimei? This is a great time!" S.M., 2015 student