May 25, 2018
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Sacred Santa Fe

Sacred Santa Fe is home of Seimei Natural Healing. Once travellers return from Japan where they are initiated by having their Seimei awakened and unbound, the remaining class hours are completed in Santa Fe (or New Jersey). The supportive spiritual nature of Santa Fe is a perfect home to learn more about the journey of one’s Seimei, or Buddha Nature. Students have the option, while in Japan to visit Mt. Aso in Kumomoto, the very sacred and powerful site of Japan's active volcano, national park and future meditation center of Seimei.
One student wrote: “My class experience helped my own sense of oneness and potential. My Seimei holds such wisdom!  This came out of receiving some of the most practical, useful and mind-blowing practical application for everyday life. These classes helped me improve the communication between my mind, my body, and my Seimei. I am eternally grateful. TR”