May 25, 2018
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LevelS I-III

Level I-III Seminar (also See: Calendar)

Seimei (Awakened Vital Life Force of our Buddha Nature) is a non-touch technique from Japan that enables and promotes health, healing and connection. It is absolutely safe, and is totally non-invasive.

Since its founding in 1984, more than 15,000 Japanese have become practitioners. They were attracted to Seimei by the speed with which results occurred, and that both the practitioner and recipient benefited from the process simultaneously, and how easily it was learned.

Register for our Level I-III classes today and take your life and health to a new level! It used to take several years to go through the first three levels of Seimei. Now, enough people are learning it that you can receive this instruction in 40 hours after returning from the ceremony in Japan.

There are ten powers in the study of Seimei. Linked to these ten powers are ten levels of practice and theory. In order to begin to study Seimei, first you must receive the power for levels I-III from the originator, Hiraki Kaiso at the head temple in Japan. Ten hours of class are completed there. Then the practice and study for the first three levels is on-going and then completed in the United States. Right now there are two practice and study centers where classes will be given. One is in Morristown, N.J., and the other Santa Fe, N.M. For people outside these centers, the process for application and the journey to know your own Seimei is under the tab "Application Process."

You learn many techniques to work with this power (without touching someone), such as how to do a full Seimei session to work on either a chronic or acute condition, as well as long distance and mental application.

The trip to Japan to receive these powers is available two times per year; classes immediately follow the Journey to Japan. Call the office for package rates at this time and also see the information under the tab "Application Process and Costs." This is an emotional, time and financial commitment.

Japan trip date are the fourth Sunday in January and in July each year. This is when the ceremony takes place in Japan and we abide by their calendar.

This site is currently under construction. Please be patient with us. However, we are available to answer your questions. Just give us a call at 973-427-4530.

begin your journey in japan

Let your Buddha Nature experience SEIMEI where it all began!

Begin your Seimei experience by traveling to Japan to participate in the Go Juki No Gi Ceremony, or the "Awarding of Power" for Levels I-III. 

Take this unique opportunity to be with experienced Japanese SEIMEI Instructors, many of whom have been practicing for more than twenty-five years. They are responsible for the practical applications we currently employ and continue to develop new techniques. The more people that do Seimei the faster the results it seems.

You will be immersed in a Buddhist culture much different than ours. Buddhism, is the study of, or the pathway to, personal enlightenment. In Japan, SEIMEI is a contemporary form of Buddhism and Hiraki is honored as the founder of SEIMEI throughout the temples in Japan. SEIMEI levels the playing field for all those who go through the Awarding of Power ceremony; everyone begins with the power and then the journey becomes a personal one.

The curriculum includes practice at a SEIMEI temple, where you will interact with Japanese practitioners. Be ready to be amazed at the reception you’ll receive and how quickly relationships are formed. Language is not a barrier. Translators will relate what is transpiring around you. The Seimei USA group is well taken care of and we receive excellent instruction and care while we practice at the Houjyushu Houjyukai Temple. You will complete 10 hours of instruction in Japan and begin to use your Seimei to lighten pain and enhance food immediately after the ceremony. There is a specific form and way to practice Seimei to get a good result. You must be able to hold your hands/arms out in front of you to practice Seimei.

No two experiences are alike. We hope you will join us. You will learn the depth of Seimei practice and theory by participating in 4 ten hour classes immediately upon return. There is nothing like Seimei. Come awaken your Buddha Nature (Seimei) in Japan, and develop your own relationship with your own Buddha Nature.

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