May 25, 2018
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first, come see seimei in action. then receive the power for yourself

Do you Want to Either Work on a Chronic Health condition or Be Awarded the Power of Seimei?

If you live near the NJ or Santa Fe center: (If not, please go to the TO APPLY tab.)

1. Receive a demonstration (call the NJ or Santa Fe offices for instructions: 1-973-427-4530 or 505-577-7511)

2. Come to one of the Centers for the Practice and the Study of Seimei: in New Jersey or Santa Fe and receive a full session and meet the teachers and community

3. Keep coming to the Practice and Study Centers to learn more about the power and potential of Seimei

4. Apply to go to Japan to receive the power of Seimei for Levels I-III

5. Pay the tuition in full before going to Japan.

6. Participate in an important orientation before going to Japan to be introduced to your Seimei and some basic techniques.

6. Come back and take classes for Levels I-III and practice at the Center nearest you.

Complete Level I-III Seminar

SEIMEI alternative non-touch healing technique, while not difficult, does require some training and repetition to master. The Level I-III course will make you proficient in the following results-oriented practical applications:

  • Helping to relieve pain from one part of the body with amazing results in minutes!
  • Addressing such common illnesses such as colds and sore throats
  • Performing the emergency procedure – very helpful for accidents, dizziness, nausea, and etc.,
  • Changing the taste of liquids, and making food and beverages healthier for you and your family.
  • Performing a full session where you can work deeply on chronic conditions
  • Performing long distance application (working on someone out of town, or away from your home)
  • Learning about Mental application


"I invite you to learn about this aspect of your own Buddha Nature. I want people to use this part of themselves-your inherent, wonderful Seimei, and to explore the possibilities of how you will use it for yourself and humankind. I truly wish for you what I, and thousands of others, have discovered: that when we move from our Seimei, our life is filled with motion and endless connections. Please join me and I will show you, in Japan, what you have known you could do all you will have the power which will let you make change time and time again with consistent, clean, amazing results.

Seimei is just not a pain relief technique. Talk to any student who has been awarded the power of Seimei and they can tell you how awakening their Buddha Nature and learning the techniques has put power and motion behind everything they do because they have a powerful, moving Seimei.

Once you go to Japan, you will develop your own relationship with the teachers and students there. Imagine being able to be immersed in this other world, the world of Seimei in Japan, and being able to call the Seimei temples there "home." It is in fact, home to your Buddha Nature-your Seimei."  Nicola Bertolo, Head Instructor and Level 8 Teacher

How to Become A Practitioner

Practitioner Pathway



As a student, you will capitalize on the knowledge, experience and support of all other practitioners. Your new adventure will be made easier with the guidance of those who have gone before you.

2. Complete your practice hours

You only can learn Seimei by using it, studying it, and practicing it. It used to take about two-three years to complete Levels I-III, but now there are enough people practicing Seimei that new students can pick up these more advanced techniques twenty lessons of classes and a practicum. That's great news. But there still is homework...which is working on people who have a variety of conditions. The complete course and homework must be finished before you can obtain insurance and graduate from the various educational levels.

Any practitioner must complete the requirements and have insurance before being recognized. ABMP (Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals) recognizes SEIMEI as an alternative therapy and sponsors our insurance. (Please contact main office for more information.)

The more often a member uses their Seimei, the more effective they are at all levels of life and the Foundation encourages people to move up the levels of practice. We are proud to announce the power for Levels IV will become available. The Seimei Foundation provides on-going support in terms of classes and study. Lead Teacher (Nicola Bertolo) lives in the United States and is available consistently to help with study and practice. Contact her in New Jersey at:


In Japan she is one the teaching Directors and in charge of International Relations.